Nu Geometry Group Exhibition at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco

Tomorrow, on Friday June 14, San Francisco based Mirus Gallery will be presenting “Nu Geometry” an exciting new group exhibition featuring work from acclaimed international, as well


Mirus Gallery presents ‘Anamorphic Portraiture’

San Francisco-based Mirus Gallery opened last week Anamorphic Portraiture, a dynamic exhibition featuring acclaimed international and regional contemporary artists working within the realm of


Franco Fasoli “Pretension of Greatness” at BC Gallery in Berlin

Next Thursday on June 29th, BC Gallery will be presenting “Pretension of Greatness” a new solo exhibition by Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli, showing his latest collages and


NUART and UKM present The Cult Of Rammellzee, Ella et Pitr and Die Raubdruckerin

Nuart Festival is currently curating a new series of workshops that will count on the participation of internationally-renowned performance collective Cult of Rammellzee (UK), Ella & Pitr


Another view Group Show at PlasticMurs gallery

Today is the opening of the “Another View” group show at PlasticMurs gallery in Valencia, Spain. A show that gathers together four talented artists whose work spans between design,


‘Voracity’ group show at Punto618 Art Gallery

Tomorrow, on Sunday  June 11th, Turin-based Punto618 Art Gallery will be presenting a new group show that titled ‘Voracity’, will featuring the work of 7 artists, in particular 7


Miguel Januário ±Mais Menos± ‘State of Minds’ at Wunderkammern gallery

Next Saturday, on June 10th, Wunderkammern gallery in Rome will be presenting ‘State of Minds’ a solo exhibition with Portuguese artist Miguel Januário aka ±Mais Menos±, his first at


Mary Jane Ansell “Of Dreams, Birds and Bones” at Corey Helford Gallery

On Saturday, June 10, Downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery (CHG) will unveil “Of Dreams, Birds and Bones,” the seventh solo exhibition and first in Los Angeles from Brighton, UK-based


Stohead „13 STROKES“ at BC Gallery in Berlin

A couple of weeks ago opened „13 Strokes“, Christoph Häßler aka Stohead‘s new solo show at BC Gallery in Berlin presenting a new and stunning body of work that will awaken every sense in


“Vacant Hero” by Dale Marshall New print release

U.K. artist Dale vN Marshall will be releasing next week an amazing new print in collaboration with Goldmark Atelier, a fine art print studio based in Uppingham that has been producing limited