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“Reisegruppe Flickenteppich“ in Sofia, Bulgaria

A group of eight German artists travelled a couple of weeks ago to Bulgaria invited to take part in a very special project. The so-called “Flickenteppich” project, as it has been

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Tomasz Gornicki, Simpson and Monstfur collective in Berlin

I have been writing about the work of Tomasz Górnicki for some time now, and his projects, whether collaborative or not, never stop amazing me. I don’t know if it is the apparent darkness

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2nd edition of What The Weekend is Gallery at The Art Union in Berlin

On Saturday April 22nd, the German art association The Art Union will be opening the second edition of WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY, a group exhibition that will count with the participation of 80

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Tomasz Gornicki “On the edge of shadow”

Remember that amazing collaboration with Chazme a year ago or “Blinkofaneye”, a pretty fascinating piece created last September? Well, Polish sculptor Tomasz Gornicki is back with yet

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Harry Gelb ‘Ghost of ourselves’

I recently had the opportunity to get in touch with the guys from Harry Gelb, a duo that has been creating haunting urban art installations around the globe part of their ongoing project

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Biancoshock reveals his ‘Seven Modern Deadly Sins’

​Italian artist, artivist and ephemeralist Biancoshock put recently to life a series of installations in the streets of London as part of his ‘Seven Modern Deadly Sins’, a project

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“Tre colli” Beautiful intallation by Alberonero in Catanzaro, Italy

The third edition of Altrove Street Art Festival is now over, but this year’s festival left behind a series of amazing murals and installations created under the concept Abstractism,

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“Underbridge Homeless Jesus” Chazme x Tomasz Górnicki in Warsaw, Poland

UNDERBRIDGE HOMELESS JESUS is a beautiful collaboration between Polish painter, illustrator and street artist Daniel Kalinski aka Chazme and talented sculptor Tomasz Górnicki, also from Poland.

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Pastel “Eternal over ephemeral” new installation in Villa Soriano, Uruguay

Argentinian artist Francisco Díaz, also known as Pastel, is currently in Uruguay taking part of the Residencia Vatelón project for which he created this wonderfully poetic installation.