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Nuart Aberdeen 2017 – The movie

The team behind Stavanger’s internationally renowned Nuart Festival, and now Nuart Aberdeen released recently a new short film featuring some of the highlights of their newest project in

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Pener “Ice Breath” mural in Olsztyn, Poland

Here a few images sent by Polish artist Bartek Świątecki aka Pener who recently painted this interesting and dynamic piece painted in Olsztyn, Poland where he currently works and lives. Titled

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ArtUnitedUs kicks off new season with Rustam Qbic

Just the way he did last year, Russian artist Rustam Qbic kicks off a new season of Art United Us, an international project that aims to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of

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Elbi Elem for Mes Que Murs Festival in Valencia, Spain

Spanish multimedia artist and muralism Elbi Elem sent a few images of her last mural painted for  the Mes Que Murs festival in Valencia, Spain. Titled “Sense”, the new mural is

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New mural by GUE in Licata, Sicily

Sicilian street artist GUE sent a few images of his last mural painted in occasion of the Cufù OFF project in Licata, Sicily. Promoted by the Italian association Cufù in collaboration with the


Stohead „13 STROKES“ at BC Gallery in Berlin

A couple of weeks ago opened „13 Strokes“, Christoph Häßler aka Stohead‘s new solo show at BC Gallery in Berlin presenting a new and stunning body of work that will awaken every sense in

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New works by Seikon and Tomasz Gornicki in Germany

After the last Berlin recap about a week ago (here), yes, time flies, I wanted to draw some attention towards the work of another great Polish artist, Seikon who, alone and together with Tomasz

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Liqen and Sam3 in Vigo, Spain 

Two great Spanish street artists, Liqen and Sam3, met recently in Vigo, Spain, where they decided to work on a quick, spontaneous and beautiful collaborative mural that, titled Modelling 1,

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Luca Ledda in Spirito Santo, Brazil

  Turin-based artist Luca Ledda is now in Brazil where he recently finished a couple of murals for the “Latinta Mural” project curated by Brazilian muralist Fredone. “Latinta