Street Art

Sonny’s To The Bone Project x Basel House Festival in Miami

In 2017 – not so long ago – South African street artist, Sonny, embarked on a new mural project called To the Bone in support of animal awareness. According to the artist, the

Street Art

Guido van Helten celebrates Dharavi’s hip hoppers with stunning mural

Australian artist Guido van Helten is back with this stunning mural celebrating Dharavi’s hip hoppers in Mumbai, India. Through his work, Guido van Helten likes to build on the context of the

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The Cuma Project

Cuma Project is an independent street art project supporting people and communities in Latin America and popular indigenous organisations whose right to live a free and meaningful life is

Street Art

Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan x Basel House Mural Festival in Miami

Nuno Viegas (PT) and Fankapan (UK) met a few days ago in Miami in occasion of the first edition of the Basel House Mural Festival in Miami for which they painted this collaborative piece

Street Art

Millo “SOUND OF YOU” in Shanghai, China

Italian muralist Millo was recently in China where he painted this lovely mural for MurMur project in Shanghai curated by Cao Bin. Painted last month, the new mural intends to express that need

Street Art

Mohamed Lghacham Inocente II in Badalona, Spain

Spanish artist Mohamed Lghacham was recently in Badalona, Spain where he had the opportunity to paint along with his old friend Ivan Floro. Entitled Inocente II the new piece is the second mural

Street Art

SatOne Breaks monotony in Giessen, Germany with new and stunning mural

As in much of his work, German artist Rafael Gerlach aka SatOne is influenced by the surroundings of the walls he paints. The same can be said of Breaking Monotony, a stunning mural painted in

Street Art

Basel House in Wynwood, Miami is set to host the largest gathering of street artists so far

Basel House Mural Festival, a three-day, first-of-its-kind mural festival based around the legendary walls of the iconic RC Cola Plant in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, will take place during

Street Art

Johannes Mundinger and Elias Errerd’ paint “Zur Freiheit” in Offenburg, Germany

I just got a few images of Johannes Mundinger and Elias Errerd‘s new mural painted in Offenburg, Germany in occasion of “Flurstück” , Mundinger’s new solo show at

Street Art

“MNHMH” by TRAZ for Athens Street Art Festival

Stéphane Koyama-Meyer aka TRAZ, now in Athens, just finished his mural for Athens Street Art Festival, curated by Andreas C Tsourapas and a group of committed individuals who are guided by a